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Points of application of the forces of world civilization to curb Rossian terrorism

Автор: М.Терлецький
06 February 2023 р.




Ceterum censeo Rossiam delendam esse

As we can see, three forces of pressure of the world community are clearly visible at present, influencing the gradual loss of Rossia's stable balance.
The first impact is the supply, supply and once again supply to Ukraine by the West of everything that can shoot at the Rossian aggressor and destroy it.
The second is the persistent non-stop economic pressure on the Rossian ruble in order to bring the exchange rate to 1 to 75 in the near future or force Rossia to spend huge resources to maintain it at the same level.
The third is the adoption of any forms of punishment that has a significant impact on countries that secretly or openly support the Putin regime and cooperate with it.












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