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New thoughts about the missile attack on Poland

Автор: М.Терлецький
16 6листопада 2022 р.




We are waiting for evidence that will not cause any doubts in anyone.

Over the past day, there have been statements that it was most likely one Ukrainian missile (at first, the mass media reported that it was two). However, these statements have not yet been confirmed by reliable evidence.

The American intelligence agency, from which reports first appeared in the media about the strike by a Russian missile, did not give a final conclusion.

It was also said that such missiles, the fragments of which were found, are in service with Ukraine. But they are also in service with Russia.

It was said that there is data on the trajectory of the missile. These data were also not presented. And the main thing - the beginning of the trajectory - the starting point - is not known.

The Ukrainian side expressed the need to participate in the investigation in order to establish the truth. There is no comment from Ukrainian experts on the results of the investigation yet.

Experts also claim that the surface-to-air missile has a self-destruct mode in the event of a miss. No refutations of this have yet been presented.

And the last. It is common knowledge that the USA and NATO resolutely refuse, under various pretexts, to participate in direct military actions against Russia. Even the question of recognizing Russia as a terrorist country is not considered by them. The conclusion that it was a Russian missile would put NATO and the USA in front of a dilemma: show readiness to prove, not in words, but in deed, that it is called the #1 army of peace or lose face. For NATO and the USA, to be in such a situation is probably more unacceptable than to admit the absence of evidence of a Russian attack.

We are waiting for evidence that will not cause any doubts in anyone.

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