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Would the Russians be surprised if something flew to the mausoleum on Red Square?

Автор: М.Терлецький
31 жовтня 2022 р.



In the early morning of October 8 the Crimean bridge protected, according to numerous statements by Russia with all the power of the country was nevertheless blown up by someone. After the destruction of the flagship of the Russian fleet with the symbolic name "Moscow" which became for all occultists a sign of the future fate of Russia the event with the bridge further convinced that the future of the empire could follow the course of that ship...
Minsk et Moscoviae. Casus belli et Casus nuclei belli
Lexikoukr 25 жовтня 2022 р.



In the history of the Crimean bridge, the most important thing for the Russians is not how many - two or three spans of the bridge were destroyed. The most important thing is that the attack on the Crimean bridge destroyed the faith of Russians in endless assurances from the Russian television screen about the superiority of the Russian armed forces and finally left the confidence that someone and something can be considered reliably protected. Neither Moscow, nor Peter, nor my own home, nor my life - nothing!

And here is a new confirmation: a strike on the acting flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. And Ukraine has not really started anything yet.

After that, visits to the mausoleum on Red Square will probably look like an everyday occurrence. Many Russians will probably be grateful for such a solution to an old problem.

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