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Minsk et Moscoviae. Casus belli et Casus nuclei belli

Автор: М.Терлецький
25 жовтня 2022 р.




In the early morning of October 8 the Crimean bridge protected according to numerous statements by Russia with all the power of the country was nevertheless blown up by someone. After the destruction of the flagship of the Russian fleet with the symbolic name "Moscow" which became for all occultists a sign of the future fate of Russia the event with the bridge convinced even more that the future of the empire could follow the course of that ship.

Shocked by what happened Putin immediately conveyed his thoughts to Lukashenka so clearly that he handed the note to the Ukrainian ambassador the same day through his Foreign Ministry. The reason: Ukraine was allegedly preparing an attack on Belarus. Knowing Lukashenko's mannerisms and his "I'll show you now..." and "if we hadn't gotten ahead of ourselves..." we can safely say that under Putin's pressure he started preparing his Casus belli.

Then Putin's hysteria the event on the bridge resulted in missile and drone strikes on residential buildings and infrastructure in Ukraine. Bloody revenge incl. in order to force negotiations on Russia's terms. However even this case of butcher did not have the expected effect on Ukrainians. And then Medvedev appeared on the stage with his statement about a dirty nuclear bomb in Ukraine's possession. In fact it was not just Casus belli because the war has already been going on in a large-scale phase for 8 months but something much more - Casus nuclei belli. And this is extremely dangerous not only for Ukraine but also for the whole world. It became clear that Russia is looking for any opportunity to "legitimize" the use of nuclear weapons. And this is already a threat not only for Ukraine but also for the whole world.

And here the time has come for the test for the nuclear powers: to take whatever is necessary to beat off the hands of the nuclear blackmailer or to continue their passive observation of his deadly actions for the world. Today it is clear to every reasonable person: if the nuclear powers - the USA Great Britain France China India Pakistan Israel - do not immediately inform the Russian people what awaits them in the event of Russia's use of nuclear weapons the world may disappear.

Only the Rossians themselves can prevent Putin from using nuclear weapons












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