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Only the Rossians themselves can prevent Putin from using nuclear weapons

Автор: М.Терлецький
04 жовтня 2022 р.


Separately, I would like to touch on the possibility of a nuclear attack by Rossia. As you know, Rossia in one form or another declares to the world that it is ready to carry out a nuclear strike. And here, in light of what we have seen about the willingness of the West to resist in a war with conventional weapons, a far from rhetorical question arises.
Is the West ready for a Rossian nuclear strike on any country in the world? Will there be a similar strike against Rossia in response? Or will such statements remain statements against the background of their unreadiness?

Lexikoukr. West and NATO against Rossia: Myths and reality
25 May 2022 р.



Even at the beginning of the war, Lexikoukr began to raise questions about NATO's response to a possible Russian nuclear strike.

Do you remember the frightened faces of Shoigu and Gerasimov when on February 27, 2022 Putin ordered the transfer of the strategic deterrent forces to a special mode of combat duty? At that time the probability of using this weapon really seemed insignificant.

Seven months have passed and the situation has changed. Although now Western experts reassure us that the probability of launching nuclear-tipped missiles is minimal, but we remember that the same experts also spoke about the negligible probability of war, confirming this in their opinion with logical reasoning.

(see Illogical logic of Putin and general mobilization in Rossia)

Looking at the reaction of the Russians on social networks, it is obvious that the West did not properly make it clear to the Russians that a nuclear strike on them will also be followed by a nuclear strike.

140 million Russians are not bothered that in response to a nuclear attack on Ukraine NATO will destroy the Black Sea Fleet; they are happy that they have the opportunity to turn our country into radioactive ash. But their own lives, the lives of their loved ones are much more important to them than not only the Black Sea fleet but also the entire fleet of Russia. For now, the only safeguard against a world war is an appeal to the Russian people about NATO's readiness to respond equally to a nuclear attack by Russia and to force them to take seriously where Putin is taking them and their families and whether they want it.

And actually we did not hear this decisive statement. Again it seems like a repetition of the open sky at the beginning of the war, again the weakness that Putin sees in them, again the timidity to create the military association with a country that this association declares as a partner and a country whose citizens give up their lives for freedom.












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