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Today Putin nullified the UN and struck NATO, the USA, China and India

Автор: М.Терлецький
30 вересня 2022 р.




Today Putin nullified the UN. His decision to unilaterally change the borders of states calls into question the need for such an international organization, since he has de facto taken over its functions. Putin has placed himself even higher than such countries as the USA, China, and India. The UN was so confused and helpless that it was powerless to exclude Rossia from the membership of its Security Council. And this despite the fact that today there are no documents confirming Rossia's acceptance even as a member of the UN. A clinic, you say? I don't know, but the above is a fact.

This raises the question. If Putin has taken over the functions of the UN and its Security Council, isn't it time to say goodbye to such a helpless structure? The position of China and India also looks strange. Presumably, they humbled themselves and gave the role of leader in the Asian region to Putin.

I would also like to touch on the military aspect. Seven months of Rossian aggression against Ukraine, according to many experts and analysts, destroyed the myth of the Rossian army as the second most powerful in the world. Rossian propaganda, at all levels, starts the leitmotif that it is not at war with Ukraine, but with NATO and the West. And in this way it shows that, if it not only maintains parity, but even in seven months was able to win back some territories, then NATO and its main participant, the USA, are also far from the first in military power. All the more so because Putin feels their weakness regarding his statements about the possibility of using strategic weapons.

After the failed military campaign in Afghanistan, the absence of a striking military defeat by Rossia, and the behavior of NATO and its members, this gives Putin enormous opportunities to show the "strength" of those "with whom he is fighting" not only to the citizens of his country, but also to major Asian states.

Such circumstances reduce Rossia's military aggression to the rank of a global geopolitical crisis. And here is the main question: will the UN, the USA, China, India, and NATO tolerate such a "slap" from Putin without a proper reaction?












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