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Rossia's cachexia is a chance for the spiritual liberation of peoples

Автор: М.Терлецький
29 вересня 2022 р.


Адже це уже не дивно,
Що ми твердо, супротивно,
Владно устаєм.
Ворогів женем ми гарно
Тож пригнобленим не марно
Приклад подаєм!
Приклад подаєм!

По мотивам П.Тичини



For many years representatives of the peoples which in Rossia are called at best infidels were oppressed, deprived of their roots, their language, their spiritual world, re-educating them to perceive only Rossian. The unspoken ideological principle was: everything is for the Ros, everyone should become one people - the Ros.

Now Rossia is in a state that medicine defines as cachexia. This is the most favorable time in recent centuries for those peoples who dreamed of their liberation from someone else's spiritual burden.

Борітеся - поборете!












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