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Rossia against the world. The war is an artistic hybrid and real


Автор: М.Терлецький
21 вересня 2022 р.



Will world awake?



At the beginning of this year, Lexikoukr, comparing the latest feature films "The Queen's Move" and "The Champion of the World" supposedly about the beauty and triumph of the mind, about the game of chess, wrote that they concern chess, but not about chess.

Beauty and triumph of the mind - all this is in the background.
On the first - a war between Russia in the person of the USSR and the rest of the world, a war, as it is customary to call such a war now, a hybrid one, in which all means are welcome to achieve the result.

And the final chord in "Champion" - Karpov's victory in the 32nd game over Korchny - was presented by Moscow as Russia's victory over the West.

"Two films. A war of two systems with variable success. Chess and ideological. For now. Because Russia is already presenting an ultimatum to the West, shooting in Donbas, threatening Ukraine and the world with a full-scale war. Perhaps the Third. World war. And it's not feature film".

When Lexikoukr wrote these lines, there were 37 days left until February 24. At that time, there was still a high probability that Putin would change his mind. And the West will not be under the illusion that its warning will stop the inhabitants of the Kremlin bunker. That there is need to urgently start defense plants in round-the-clock mode. That it is necessary to immediately protect the Ukrainian sky, under which the battle for the freedom of the West and the whole world will take place. That it is necessary to immediately transfer from its warehouses the high-precision artillery and rocket launchers in sufficient quantity. It must be stated that then, on February 24, freedom was not protected by the West.

What’s today?

About mobilization

Today, Putin made a speech and signed a decree on mobilization. The "partial", without specifying the quantity. That is as much as you want. Similar to Peter the Great, who dragged the people to build a city in his honor and the death of the latter, today Putin is also turning the Russians into dragged scumbags who will be dragged against their will not to their war, but to their death. Well, it's their choice, it's the consequence of 80% supporting someone who is willing to send their supporters to their deaths. But not everyone in Russia is to die, but so far only a part of the population.

About the use of nuclear weapons by Russia

But there is another, more disturbing aspect to Putin's speech today. We are talking about the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. It is certain that such arrogance and cannibalism were unleashed only because the world did not react prejudiced enough, necessary and unequivocally to prove to 140 million Russians that they will all be destroyed if the nuclear button is pressed in Russia, the one whom they support and whose intentions they do not oppose. Instead, Russian propaganda tells them that they will turn the West into radioactive dust and Russia will prosper. Only Great Britain declared its readiness to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike against Russia.

Readiness to deliver a nuclear retaliatory strike against Rossia

The US position regarding the response to a possible nuclear attack by Russia

The US response to the nuclear threat from Russia

And what about other countries? They are silent, like zombified and scared Russians in the unknown waiting for what will happen. But if you stay silent, it will be like that...












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