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Readiness to deliver a nuclear retaliatory strike
against Rossia


Автор: М.Терлецький
18 вересня 2022 р.



our fair-weather friends?



Lexikoukr in his last notes has already drawn attention several times to the fact that Ukraine can be abandoned at the most difficult moment, and therefore he wanted to get confirmation of the possible actions of the allies in the event that Rossia uses weapons of mass destruction.


The US position regarding the response to a possible nuclear attack by Russia
The US response to the nuclear threat from Russia


Only Great Britain has unconditionally expressed its willingness to respond.
And the rest?


"Don't... don't... don't..." is the answer of those on whom we, Ukrainians, counted as well as on the UK. It was expected that in the event that Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, our faithful ally would respond in the same way that they would have responded in the event of a strike on him. But! The faithful turned out faithful ... In general, this sound sequence "don't... don't... don't" in its meaning reminded me of the hit of one famous character from Rossia "don ... don ... don", with which he fills the vacuum between meaningful parts in his speech.


So, who is still with us, who dared to declare their readiness to respond to Rossia in a similar way in the event of the use of nuclear weapons? Who is ready to go with Ukraine to the end in its struggle against the world aggressor? Here is the list:



Clearer than any dont ...












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