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The UN has become less meaningful than the once useless, now defunct League of Nations

30 липня 2022 р.


We have already written about this.
Has the UN now changed into...
Such a conclusion suggests itself due to the lack of an effective and urgent UN response after Rossia's treacherous violation of the terms of the treaty on prisoners of war who surrendered from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, as well as on the export of grain by Ukraine.
The decision-making system, the lack of a mechanism for their implementation, the declarative nature of the League of Nations led to its powerlessness in the face of the aggressors and caused its final collapse.
In terms of influence on the world order, the UN today looks even worse than the League of Nations in its last days.
It is possible that the founding countries will stop funding the useless structure. It should be noted that Ukraine is one of the founding states of the United Nations and a member state of the organization.











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