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Putin, those who are about to die salute you

23 липня 2022 р.


The Russian authorities deny mobilization plans in connection with the war, but have deployed mobilization centers in many regions and are actively recruiting volunteers to be sent to Ukraine.

Those who visited hell, in the war, saw with their own eyes the possibilities of the Russian vaunted army and the mountains of meat that remained from their fellow soldiers. That's why they don't want to renew the contract. Legally, there is no war, there is a special operation that allows you not to renew the contract upon returning to your unit.

Those who have not yet learned about the true features of war and have only heard slogans from Russian television, enroll in such "volunteer" battalions, because they paint pictures in their heads not of war, but of an easy walk with weapons in Ukraine.

The insight that they are doomed comes later, and many of them do not even have time to understand it.

The phrase "Ave, Putin, morituri te salutant (Lat) Hail, Putin, those who are about to die salute you " is more relevant than ever.







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