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On the fiasco of the analytical intelligence services of Russia, the West and Ukraine

19 липня 2022 р.


The results of the five months of the war unleashed by Russia are indisputable evidence of the professional unsuitability of Russian analytical services in connection with their forecasts of the development of military events.

As for the Western analytical machine, the absence on February 24, 2022, and even five months after this date, of the number of weapons necessary to repel Russian aggression speaks of the serious problems of correctly predicting events in NATO, the United States and others.
In addition, if Ukraine managed to give a powerful rebuff to the Russian armed forces during the first week, then I have great doubts about the similar ability of NATO if Russia chose not Ukraine, but one of the NATO countries for the invasion.

As for the state analytical services of Ukraine, their capabilities can be judged by the fact that until the beginning of Russian aggression, the lion's share of funds went to roads and landscaping.







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