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Europe: smart or cunning?

Автор: М.Терлецький
11 червня 2022 р.



LEXIKOUKR has written more than once that the situation in the EU is worse than in the bee hive. Everyone in the hive is buzzing, but they clearly and without hesitation perform the functions defined by the bee charter. Wisely, not slyly. But in the declared unification of Europe, everyone is in a state of Brownian motion, in which the main driving force is cunning and not wisdom.

What is happening around the admission of Ukraine to the EU
How many conflicting statements by the participants of a seemingly unified organization in terms of goals and intentions have been made in recent years. And there is no place for Ukraine in the EU, and without Ukraine there is no full-fledged EU. But do not despair, we are waiting for you (Ukraine) ...

Ukraine, with the dignity of a great country, should have said “I have the honor” long ago and refuse to beg for an invitation to a dinner party, where it would still not be given a better seat than at a side table.

Alas, Ukraine did not do this, and the processes that took place in it created the image of the country humiliating oneself by asking for this invitation.

Corruption in Ukraine and the position of the EU
And the main creator of the cacophony in the Ukrainian part of the work about the admission of Ukraine to the EU was Her Majesty Ukrainian CORRUPTION.

In order to distract Ukrainians from close attention to corruption, total in Ukraine, it was the corrupt officials who created this stream of NLP. This programming emphasized that the main task in Ukraine is not to increase salaries and pensions, not to establish real democracy and justice in order to raise the image of Ukrainians and Ukraine from its knees, but to join the EU, which will correct the image of trouble. Those who shouted the most about European values, about moving towards the EU for European salaries, owned a lot of enterprises in Ukraine, but did nothing at their enterprises to pay European salaries. Instead, their minds were occupied with the creation of offshore companies, where they were going to withdraw from Ukraine the amounts of underpaid salaries . Of course, they didn't talk about it publicly. They did not talk, for example, about their three corrupt friends who were not imprisoned.

Of course, Europe could show by the adopted sanctions against specific individuals in Ukraine clearly the problem, as is now being done with regard to Rossian ones. She could convey an unambiguous requirement for joining: here are the facts - decide. But Europe did not do this, but continued to refuse Ukraine under sly pretexts. Obviously, for some EU members, such a large country as Ukraine, which can violate the rating of today's participants in this union, is highly undesirable. Obviously, this “problem” in the most developed countries also determines those “strange things” with the transfer of their weapons, which are so necessary for Ukraine which fighting for its freedom and the freedom of the EU countries.

About the possibility of the EU falling to its knees before Rossia
Fate has given the EU a happy chance to use Ukraine's heroic struggle for civilizational values against fascist Rossia.

Fortune provided the period from mid-spring to mid-autumn to make such a contribution to this struggle in order to achieve the defeat of the aggressor. And with an adequate understanding and use of the current situation, this would be quite possible.

Costs are large but in the long run, would be many times less than those that will come from the beginning of winter, if Rossia does not capitulate by this time. But again in the EU, the cunning of the old Ashir. Again, each EU country wants to be smarter than the other, and as a result, the whole union will lose. And paying a much higher price.

Of the given several warm months, two have already been lost. Will wisdom come to the EU to replace cunning? - We'll see.

However, the announcement that Ukraine will receive the weapons it needs now in August, September or even later suggests that some leaders in the EU are more concerned about friendship with Putin and preserving his image than ridding humanity of Rossian fascism. Maybe Frau Merkel refused to visit Ukraine under the influence of this motive?











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