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EU. To be or not to be? And what to be?

Автор: М.Терлецький
08 червня 2022 р.



The war unleashed by Rossia against Ukraine has revealed literally all the processes taking place on the European continent, and has already given answers to some cardinal questions.

Destination: from the EU to the United States of Europe
Extrapolating the already established facts, I will take the liberty of saying that the fulfillment of the main task - the creation of the EU for its further transformation into the United States of Europe - can be put an end to.

As you know, one of the strategic participants - Great Britain withdrew from the union, thus making clear the failure of the EU. Others, such as Switzerland or Norway, do not see themselves in it, not only because of the lack of positive acquisitions after joining, but, on the contrary, because of possible problems.

In addition, the presence of some countries in the EU does not improve its reputation. So, the presence in the composition of such a useless unit, both in the military and economically, as Hungary, but trying to parasitize in the EU (suffice it to recall how Hungary demanded the EU to allocate almost 2 billion euros per inhabitant for joining the sanctions for Rossia), clearly shows what the EU is today.

The ability of the EU to resist armed aggression.
The fact that it was Ukraine that took upon itself the fight against the military invasion of Rossia, and not the EU countries, does not fully show the military failure of the united Europe, namely the presence of not only weapons, but also militaries prepared to repel aggression. This is also indicated by the fact that the EU cannot currently provide for the military needs of Ukraine, which is fighting not only for its sovereignty, but also for the independence of the EU countries.

Internal fifth column of the EU
It should be noted that the position of Hungary, an open and frank apologist for the rossian-fascist policy, and the lack of adequate actions towards it on the part of the EU only reinforce the conclusion that the concept of the Union, even during the ongoing war in the immediate vicinity of its borders, allows to its elements, to be in a state of Brownian move, and not in a single generally directed movement.

An important fact pointing to the obvious weakness of the EU militarily is that this year the Germany has planned to use a colossal budget of 100 billion euros for its own armed forces. It is very likely that Germany changed the slogan "One for all and all for one" to another: "Save yourself as best you can." Therefore, perhaps, Mr. Scholz puts his promises of military assistance to Ukraine into execution on a conveyor which moving not in a straight line towards the consumer, but along a closed curve.

And finally.
Let me remind you that we started the conversation with the fact that the probability of the EU turning into the US does not exceed the virtual possibility raised to the degree of shaky uncertainty.

However, the future of the EU in its current form, without the involvement of countries that have huge potential in any area where the EU is rather weak, seems very vague, perhaps even following a trajectory with a negative derivative. And here the question arises for the countries of Europe, which are currently not members of the EU: to strive to become members of a motley EU, or to create their own alliances between countries that suit each other to solve the problems they face?











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