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Lose must not win

Автор: М.Терлецький
02 червня 2022 р.



Rossia cannot be understood with the mind, said the classic. Let's add: today's West is all the more incomprehensible.

It’s understandable the position of Hungary, which behaves in the EU and NATO like a spoiled naughty child.

It is not clear why the EU and NATO meekly indulge her.

It is not clear why Ukraine, which today is de facto the only defender of the West from the Rossian-Nazi yoke, does not suit either NATO or the EU, while such a useless and helpless companion as Hungary suits the West completely.

The position of the leaders of sovereign advanced states, who are trying to impose a "peace" agreement on Ukraine without the return of territories occupied by Rossia and compensation for losses by the aggressor, is also incomprehensible.

There is no certainty that these losses will be fully compensated from outside.

Moreover, looking at how the supply of weapons to Ukraine to protect the same West is proceeding, we can say with great confidence that no one is planning and will not do this. They want to trick Ukraine as with the surrender of nuclear weapons according to the scenario of the infamous Budapest (again Budapest!) Memorandum.

And the last. The popular phrase by Western leaders that "Ukraine must not lose", in the context of the extremely insufficient supply of necessary weapons, should be considered as being quoted only in the first part of it.

The second, silent part, sounds like this: “but Ukraine should not completely win either ...”

So decide for yourself how to understand this: lose must not win...











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