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Gentlemen, learn the subtleties of the language

Автор: М.Терлецький
31 травня 2022 р.



Learn the language and its use in "slippery" situations not from school textbooks, but from the statements of politicians.

Lexikoukr had already cited phraseology from the golden fund of the Ukrainian "elite", for example,

Вчимо можливості нашої мови за Порошенком

Вчимо мову за Шокіними: Idiom “a son of a bitch”

Хто попу не син, той сучий син, або нові шедеври від Шокіна…

If one of the Ukrainian politicians is trying to go abroad when a criminal case has been initiated against him, listen to the arguments and evidence which provide for the urgent need to leave their homeland.

Here you will most likely hear that they were invited to the most important event, that they must certainly be there. And although you suspect how such invitations are made in many cases, they will stand their ground. Point of view.

And they will tell you in all seriousness that the main proof of their indispensable return is the presence of a pre-purchased ticket for the return trip. As for me, the argument is logically reinforced concrete ...

Learn the subtleties of the language, gentlemen.











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