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West and NATO against Rossia: Myths and reality

Автор: М.Терлецький
25 травня 2022 р.



The large-scale war of Rossia against Ukraine which began on February 24 dispelled many myths.

First, the myth of the omniscient overpraised intelligence and analytical centers of blocs and individual countries.

Let's start with the fact that these centers in particular in Rossia and some Western countries were confident that Rossia was capable of forcing Ukraine to capitulate within a few days. Rossia was already preparing for a victory parade before the war, and the West withdrew its embassies from Ukraine and offered Zelensky aid for evacuation. However, something went wrong...

Life has shown that the conclusions of such experts must be treated with a high degree of skepticism.

Secondly, the myth created by Rossia's propaganda about the exceptional power of its army collapsed. The events after February 24 have shown that the only element of the Rossian army worthy of attention is the missile forces. And then in the event of a war with Ukraine, which did not have the necessary and sufficient air defense systems. The organization of military operations by the military command vividly showed the inconsistency of military doctrine and the poor preparedness of the officers of the "second" army of the world.

Thirdly, the myth about the readiness of the West to repel any aggression from Rossia collapsed.

And here is not only the phobia of a possible nuclear strike from Rossia, but also the fear betrayed by the constant emphasis on the non-participation of the West in the war.

In the three months that have passed since the beginning of the war in which Ukraine defends not only itself, but also the West behind its back, the latter has not been able to provide Ukraine with the necessary amount of weapons. The constant squabbling between Western countries about who gave what, when it will give and whether it will give at all, give a complete answer that neither NATO nor the entire West were ready to repel aggression themselves if Rossia declared war on them.

There is talk that individual countries will deliver something in a month, in two, by the end of autumn ... The weapons production program is just being launched ... Meanwhile, in the most important areas of hostilities that affect the outcome of the war, Rossia has superiority in artillery several dozen times. To repel an aggressor offensive, these weapons are needed today, and not in a month or two. And the West turned out to be powerless in resolving this problem.

I have no doubt that such a situation would have been in the event of an attack by Rossia on the NATO countries.

Separately, I would like to touch on the possibility of a nuclear attack by Rossia. As you know, Rossia in one form or another declares to the world that it is ready to carry out a nuclear strike. And here, in light of what we have seen about the willingness of the West to resist in a war with conventional weapons, a far from rhetorical question arises: is the West ready for a Rossian nuclear strike on any country in the world? Will there be a similar strike against Rossia in response? Or will such statements remain statements against the background of their unreadiness?











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