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How to settle down and reconstruct Rossia as a result of the war?

Автор: М.Терлецький
23 травня 2022 р.



The laws of social physics which Surkov, Medvedev, Putin wrote about in articles before the war, in the closed system that Rossia is, point to the inevitability of increasing social pressure in society.

The history of the Rossian empire prove that the country is a continuous engine that generates one war after another.

Do the Rossians want war and, most importantly, can Rossia exist without wars?

Does the Kremlin want war?

In articles by Putin and Medvedev written before the aggression on February 24, 2022, the topic of the war with Ukraine was in plain sight, and Mr. Surkov was proving it with the laws of social physics,

"The fact that, in theory, entropy tends to grow precisely in closed, closed systems, seems to suggest a simple solution to the problem - to open the system,"let off steam... "

Social entropy is very toxic. It is not recommended to work with her at home. It needs to be taken out in other place. To export for recycling in a foreign territory.

For centuries, the Rossian state, with its harsh and inactive political interior, was preserved solely thanks to the relentless striving beyond its own borders. It has long forgotten how, and most likely, never knew how to survive in other ways. For Rossia, constant expansion is not just one of the ideas, but the true existential of our historical existence.

Imperial technology is still effective today, when empires renamed superpowers. The Crimean consensus is a vivid example of the consolidation of society due to the chaos of a neighboring country… our state has not lost its imperial instincts.”

The laws of the Kremlin's social physics provide for the inevitable "attraction" of smaller ones to the big imperial Rossian state. And here are two material key aspects that influence the behavior of Rossia. The first is a huge army and the presence of nuclear weapons. And the second is a huge territory with huge reserves in its bowels.

As for its territory, it is so large that even the European part of the Rossian aggressor, which makes up only a fifth of its territory, is six times larger than Ukraine or France. The conclusion suggests itself: while Rossia is a huge militaristic empire, and now it is just such, its attack on Ukraine and other countries is a matter already decided once and for all.

The world can get rid of the constant threat of aggression from the Rossian Federation only when the country is divided into pieces more or less comparable with its neighbors. Well, also demilitarization. Reduction of the potential or elimination of nuclear weapons. Treaties are good, but the Rossian Federation without demilitarization will threaten any alliances with a nuclear strike.

As for the latter, this seems to be possible only with the complete defeat of the Rossian army in a real war.

Not only the expulsion of Rossian troops from the occupied Donbass and Crimea, but also the capitulation of the Rossian Federation, accepted by the international community. Surrender which will reflect the above measures aimed at protecting peace by curbing the aggressive capabilities of Rossia.











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