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Who is Rossia fighting with right now and what are its successes?

Автор: М.Терлецький
20 травня 2022 р.



On February 24, rossian propaganda began to trumpet a blitzkrieg in Ukraine. At first they talked about three or four days. Then about a week. Then two. More than 12 weeks have passed. During this time, the presence of Rossia in Ukraine did not increase, on the contrary, decreased exponentially every week. That rossian crayfish, which at first tried to bite Ukraine with huge pincers from the west of Kyiv, has begun to move back to the east.

As he moved, he decreased in size, and the span of his pincers became smaller and smaller. And then, in order to soften the grumbling of the rossian people caused by the shameful retreat his army, the Kremlin came up with an excuse that the rossian army attacked not Ukraine, but NATO and the West. In a word, he attacked the wrong one ...

It should be noted that the sly Kremlin left one more trench for retreat: the WHOLE WORLD attacked Rossia.

In the meantime, the Kremlin's heralds from all channels are shouting all over Ivanovskaya that Rossia is at war with NATO and the West. And the rossian people, programmed by means of NLP propaganda, obediently repeat these words. Unfortunately, the so-called brothers do not know any more suitable words from the Ukrainian song - "my mother beat me with a birch rod."

In fact, Kyiv, the mother of Russian cities, is beating Rossia, which is trying to pass itself off as a blood relative of Kyiv.

Of course, if the rossian people had not been so reprogrammed by the Kremlin, they would clearly understand that the allied Belarusian-Rossian state is within easy reach of NATO. After all, from the eastern border of Rossia to the United States is only 3.8 km. And in the west, the Belarusian-Rossian state and the NATO countries are separated by only a few meters.

Did rossian troops get lost again on their way to war with NATO? Of course not. But apparently such is Rossia in everything; she says one thing and does another.











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