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The triad of postulates of the Belarusian-Rossian aggressor

Автор: М.Терлецький
17 травня 2022 р.





The triad of postulates that the Belarusian-Rossian aggressor has recently made about his position on the war in Ukraine provides food for new considerations and understanding of the situation, including that the outcome of the war has already been resolved, but the last (or farewell) chord is still clear not written. So,

1) Lukashenko spoke about the defeat of a union state in the event of a war with NATO, "We have always understood that our army is against NATO (ed. is untenable) ... We know who opposes us ... Tomorrow we may not exist... "

2) Rossian propaganda about the military actions of the Rossian Federation, "In Ukraine, we are at war with NATO and the West."

3) The Kremlin, through the mouth of the Rossian Ambassador to the USA A. Antonov, stated, "...there will be no surrender, there never will be... We will never surrender..." So the war is on and it’s coming with NATO.

So, the defeat of the Belarusian-Rossian state is inevitable. But there will be no surrender...

Then what to expect and what to think about?

That there is no agreement between the postulates?

Or that before getting a checkmate, the losing player brushes everything - both white and black - pieces from the chessboard?
Is it a revelation of high probability of defeat that bursts from the hidden subconscious into reality?
Is this a threat delivered by a diplomat?
And 150 million Rossians and Belarusians want to be swept away by the hand of one character?

Or will the loser, without waiting for a checkmate, silently leave the hall without making a move on the board, and leaving the participants with the problem of finishing this game on their own?











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