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What are the EU members' frequent conversations and close relations with Putin leading to?

Автор: М.Терлецький
11 травня 2022 р.





Interesting ideas come from those who have frequent conversations or close relationships with Putin.

We know that Hungary opposes Ukraine's accession to the EU. Hungary openly opposes assistance in the fight against Rossian fascism, refusing even the transportation of weapons through its territory to Ukraine to protect against aggression.
On social networks, people are actively sharing information that Hungary issues its passports to residents of western Ukraine. This is, to put it mildly, an unfriendly attitude, even, rather, something hidden and more dangerous.
Is it then possible to consider Hungary a country with democratic values? With values that meet EU standards?

In his speech to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, Emmanuel Macron said that it would take decades for Ukraine to be accepted into the European Union. Therefore, instead of an early entry into the EU, he invited Ukraine to join the "parallel European community." That is, to follow the path of the famous Rossian ship?

Perhaps Boris Johnson was right when he suggested that Macron talk less with Putin and focus on helping Ukraine, which defends with its blood not only its own freedom, but also the freedom of Hungary, France and the EU?











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