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Did the US plan to destroy Rossia? And what does the US really want?

Автор: М.Терлецький
28 March 2022 р.


Reflection on the behavior of the United States since 2014, and especially before and after February 24, 2022, leads to the conclusion that America is interested neither in the military defeat of Russia nor in its economic collapse. All those sanctions that the West is now introducing could have been introduced in 2014 as well. There was an opportunity to strengthen them even after February 24 to such an extent that Rossia would quickly stop resistance and quickly go to the bottom. But they didn't. And even now the pressure accelerator is not moved to the limit position.

In addition, the United States knew about the Rossian attack on Ukraine. The US policy of not providing offensive weapons in any way and, moreover, not transferring much-needed and sufficient defensive weapons, primarily air defense systems, suggests that the US does not want the complete defeat of Rossia, but they only aim to reduce the military and economic potential of the Rossian Federation and thus force them to take a number of decisions necessary for the United States. The key to understanding US strategy is that it sees its real adversary not in Rossia but in China. And the US action is aimed at finding in the person of Rossia not an adversary, but an important partner in the confrontation with China.

The military defeat of Rossia would most likely lead to the beginning of the process of dividing the country into an indefinite number of subjects, with an uncontrolled transfer of nuclear weapons into their hands. And the geographical proximity of China to Rossia and the remoteness of the United States in this case created conditions under which the significant economic and, possibly, nuclear potential of Siberia and the Far East would found oneself in the process of soft diffusion or hard penetration on the side of the US enemy.

Therefore, the US is forced to control the pressure on Rossia with the help of Ukraine, avoiding its destruction. Moreover, gradually increase the pressure to such a level that Rossia understands the reason and recognizes that cooperation with the United States can be the only way out from a dive.

I'm not sure that the current Kremlin will go for it. And, obviously, the United States will do everything to replace the figures in power with those with whom it would be possible to negotiate without destroying Rossia.











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