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Rossia's demands for denazification, denationalization, Rossian (not Russian!) language and demilitarization


Автор: М.Терлецький
25 March 2022 р.



But I have long known your wolf nature;
That is why my custom is:
It is better not to do the amicable settlement with wolves...



Neuro-Linguistic Programming of the West by Rossia.
First, it should be noted that we are dealing with a well-conducted Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) operation by the Rossian Empire, associated with the replacement of the name (thus the concept) "Rossia" with "Russia" and "Rus", in order to deceive the world about the true content of the Rossian state, its real history, its real culture, the real mentality of its citizens. And the West swallowed this deception, agreeing to perceive "Rossia" as "Russia" and "Ros" and rossian as russian.

About denazification.
Today's Z-Rossia, destroying cities, villages and houses of Ukrainian citizens, killing humans , has proven to the whole world that Rossia is, in its sinister essence, the Z-virus of neo-Nazism that threatens humanity. Rossia must be denazified.

Denationalization and the Rossian (not Russian!) language
Promotion of rossian national culture and first of all the Rossian language (self-named Russian) outside own country, forcing sovereign states to use it by starting wars and killing dissenting residents of other independent countries, in real Rossia has become the norm of Z-Rossia policy.
That is why not Ukraine, but Rossia should be denationalized, the Rossian language cannot be the state language in Ukraine.

Rossia has proved that its signatures under the Budapest Memorandum, the treaty of friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and the Rossian Federation are worth nothing. Z-Rossia openly declared its policy of conquering Ukraine.
And Rossia's treacherous attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 leaves no doubt about the further actions of the current regime of the Russian Federation.
One can talk about limiting the armaments of Ukraine only within the framework of a joint arms limitation of at least neighboring and aggressive countries, such as Rossia and Belarus.
Even without mentioning the nuclear potential, Rossia does not offer a list of conventional weapons and their quantity for itself and other contracting parties.
Therefore, Rossia's proposal to disarm Ukraine unilaterally looks frivolous and even stupid.











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