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Від початку Революції Гідності. День: 724



В коментарях до цього інтерв'ю не сторінці  є і явно негативно-песимістичні:
 «The most sad in this interview is the fact you'll never see such kind of interview on president's "independent" Channel 5 or any other Ukrainian media» (Найсумнішим в цьому інтерв'ю є той факт, що ви ніколи не побачите такого роду інтерв'ю на президентському "незалежному" 5-му каналі або в будь-яких інших українських ЗМІ).
Сам Порошенко називає всі (навіть гострі)  питання гарними.


- Mr. President, you want to show the world you bring a new era, you want to show openness, you want to show transparency. Why does the president need and get a lot of criticism what you need your own television station? Why? The OSCE says top official for media freedoms as Mr. Poroshenko should sell his TV station. It’s my firm view that elected politicians should not own and control media outlets in their country. Why do you have it?


- That’s a very good question. In 2003 when I was opposition politician I had created the first free Ukrainian media which was has an absolutely public and transparent relations between journalists and owner and that was the first example …


- But this is a conflict of advantages, is not it?


- No, no, no, Tim, sorry, possible…


- But you promised to be different …


- No, I never promised to sell the fifth channel. Never.


- But you promised to be different from oligarchs who owned media in this country.


- I'm different and if you see fifth channel may be one of the most… the channel who is the most criticized and one of the most free. This is the fifth channel. This is a very reputable journalist and why should…


- Why do you need it? You’re president.  You have other things to do. Why do you need it? What other president has the channel in Europe?




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